Microbiologically pure and light, Fonteviva mineral water embodies the very best of its territory, offering the unique properties of absolute purity and low sodium content. For this reason, many people choose this water as part of a balanced diet. With a fixed residue of less than 50 mg, Fonteviva is categorized as a “very low mineral content” water as established by the Ministry of Health.

This means that Fonteviva is very light and digestible, with a delicate flavour. Its organoleptic characteristics make this water particularly suitable for promoting health, since it favours diuresis and uric acid excretion, prevents kidney stones and aids digestion. It is particularly suitable for people on a low-sodium diet, since it has a sodium content of only 4.8 mg/l.

The pH (value that indicates the level of acidity/basicity of a substance) of Fonteviva is slightly acidic (6.9), making it optimum for health. Leading scientific studies have indicated that consuming pure water with a slightly acidic pH is good for the health, since this slight acidity fights the process of oxidation and, as a result, cell aging.