Water for health…and for beauty

Every complex mechanism of the human body, including the circulatory, urinary, reproductive, respiratory, digestive, nervous and sensory systems, is completely dependent on water – all of the nutritional substances that permit life itself are transported to cells through water. Water also cleanses the body of waste and inorganic materials.

The best type of water for this function is one with a very low fixed residue, like Fonteviva. High levels of minerals, on the other hand, hinder the expulsion of excess substances and have a negative impact on health (kidney disorders, kidney stones, etc.). To aid with these processes, it is recommended that people drink a minimum of at least 1.5 litres of water per day.

Very low mineral content water, like Fonteviva, is also best for ensuring lasting youth for our bodies, both inside and outside. By facilitating diuresis, water helps eliminate toxins, which are among the leading causes of aging, and favours proper cell turnover. Water also prevents dehydration, giving skin a fresher, healthier and fuller look. When cells do not have sufficient water, they lose their vitality, stiffen and cause the body to age prematurely and faster.

In addition, water with a slightly acidic pH, like Fonteviva, is a tool for fighting cell aging caused by oxidation. An alkaline pH, on the other hand, actually favours the oxidation process and therefore cell aging. Fonteviva – a water that is an ally of beauty.